What Happens at the Festival Stays at the Festival

FIERCE Archive.

Tuesday 24th September – Wednesday 16th October 2013

Over the last six months, Fierce has been delving into its storage unit, drawing together paperwork, documentation, marketing material and arranging meetings with founding figures, in its first step towards building an archive of fifteen years of activity.

This process has thrown up challenging questions as to how to represent a performance festival. The ephemeral nature of live performance defies the act of archiving. In this first sharing of a selection of this content we have focused on the posters, brochures and other festival literature that has represented the festival over the years.

We think of this exhibition as the first in a series of public explorations and experiments in sharing Fierce’s history.

Follow the build-up to the next Fierce Festival in Autumn 2013 Festival 2.jpg Installation 1.jpg Posters 2.jpg Installation 2.jpg Installation 3.jpg Posters 1.jpg wall 3.jpg Wall 1.jpg boxes 1.jpg Campbell.jpg
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