The Whole is Greater than the Sum of It's Parts

Kate Spence – Ole Hagen – The Ho Haa Initiative – Abigial Duffty - Elena Cassidy Smith - Martin Bardell
31 August – 10th October 2012

Launch: 6 – 8 pm Friday 31st August 2012

Act 1 - The Vaults
Acts 2 & 3 - ARTicle Gallery

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders is an experimental work exploring human behaviour and the concept of performed roles within art situations.

Six artists, Abigail Duffty, The Hoo-Ha Initiative, Kate Spence, Elena Cassidy-Smith, Martin Bardell and Ole Hagen have been specifically selected and commissioned combining visual and live art. Each provides a discrete separate part but at certain punctuated moments the whole begins to emerge facilitated through theatrical staging devices.

The piece is presented in two Acts, The Vaults, 23 August 2012 and ARTicle Gallery, 31 August 2012, inviting the audience to notice differences, to compare and contrast an offsite location art experience with a white cube gallery, to become aware of the importance of site, and to examine the curators controlling position.

Influenced by the observations of sociologist Erving Goffman and the avant garde theatrical work of Richard Foreman this curatorial test bed insists and creates a heightened state of noticing, the audience is invited to wake up, look, listen, think, to notice the difference between these two encounters and step out of the complacency of the white cube experience. Nonny Warn - J Cox.jpg Hagen 2 J Cox.jpg with Hoo Ha Initiative J Cox.jpg Auluk Hoo Ha initiative J Cox.jpg Spence J Cox.jpg bell.jpg Object 2 J Cox.jpg Bardell J Cox.jpg object Martin Bardell SRS.jpg object J Cox.jpg face book J Cox.jpg The Vaults J Cox.jpg Hagen J Cox.jpg,interaction J Cox.jpg to ring the bell SRS.jpg Spence 2J Cox .jpg lie in wait SRS.jpg Duffty J Cox.jpg with Aby Duffty J Cox.jpg Go Between 2 J Cox.jpg coat J Cox.jpg Bouche J Cox.jpg Go Between message SRS.jpg
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