ARTicle gives notice of its existence as a project and exhibition space within the School of Art in Birmingham. In an effort to establish ARTicles presence, both inside the Institution and beyond its walls, ARTicle will host NOTICE an open submission exhibition where all works that meet the criteria as notices will be presented. The submitted works will be hung on a new built structure/ notice board which will transcept the gallery, emerging into the student occupied space beyond its boundaries.

18th January – 8th February 2012 PV Wednesday 18th January: 6 – 8 PM

Artists include: Mona Casey, Beth Derbyshire, Abigail Duffty, Ryan McClelland, MSFAC, Philter Phactory, Peter Symons, Adam Thomson, Phil Thomson, Florin Ungureanu, Cedric Van Eenoo, The Wig, Andrew Kulman, David Cheeseman, Justin Saunders, Famina Bi etc.

Phil Thomson playfully tests our patience - and our understanding of the rules of engagement, positing the notion that the relationship between artist, curator and audience is not as straightforward as it seems. Call it a glossy, colourful time-based A3 document. Think advent calendar with attitude. Mona Casey presents a parking notification which questions the control of the curator and will submit a number of parking ticket notices over the duration of the show, which playfully respond to other notices presented within the context of the exhibition. Abigail Duffty on the opening night will perform the task of giving out notices from the Institution of Meaningful Interaction (IMI), (a platform for political installations and live art, which focus on the relationship between social issues and behaviours and the creative language of performance). The notice will be a contractual ‘notice to view’ the Notices given in the gallery, making a comment on how one conducts oneself within the gallery situation. Florin Ungureanu has submitted three notices, which are paintings on newspaper titled Zeitgeist, Ironic History and Brave New Worlds. The notices explore the concepts of power, politics, history, identity and death through irony and humour. Adam Thomson’ notice questions judgments made on personal information made public through social networking sites such as Facebook.

ARTicle Gallery, The School of Art, Birmingham City University, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX, UK Thomson.jpg - open submission.jpg Wade.jpg NOTICE.jpg A_ Kulman and r_ C_Wade.jpg Williams cards.jpg - Mona Casey.jpg posters  - M Casey.jpg Wall installation.jpg Wall.jpg Installation.jpg wall - M Casey.jpg
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