Interaction Order at ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham City University

Live performance event 14 January 2014 featuring the work of Martin Prosser, Mycah Tequeron, Anais Lalange, film and photography by Timothy James Pratt.

Curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders

Live performance event 14 January 2014 6-8pm
Exhibition dates 16 January – 3 February 2014


The Interaction Order is a framework that describes the moment when two people are physically in each others presence. Erving Goffman asserts that humans modify their behaviour in these encounters adopting roles like actors in a play. This form of sociological study is measured by observation and these concepts are embedded within the exhibition design and staging allowing a multi layered approach to curation where audience behaviour is key to the work.

Live performance and audience interaction is documented and mediated through film, photography and sound recordings, ‘Interaction Order’ becomes both a live happening and a re-lived experience, transforming the gallery into an immersive, site specific environment.

The artists:

Martin Prosser is a freelance performance maker, currently studying MA Contemporary Performance Making at Brunel University. His research focuses on everyday routines and human behaviour, in particular the awkwardness of certain social situations. He is co-director of Co Lab Theatre which he founded with Mycah Tequeron. Martin has performed with Mycah in the Midlands at STATE and in London at Spots and as part of Scratch a DMV Theatre presentation where he directed and performed ‘The good, the bed and the ugly’ a performance/theatre work exploring the social awkwardness of one night stands.

Mycah Tequeron is co Director of Co Lab Theatre and is currently studying MA in Drama Therapy at Roehampton University. He is a choreographer, dancer and theatre performer, collaborating in a number of Co Lab Theatre performances and has appeared in a series of short films including ‘York’s Chocolate Story’ by Centre Screen Productions.

Anaïs Lalange studied Arts du Spectacle (Drama and Film studies) and Philosophy at the University of Caen in Normandy (France), and in 2010, graduated in Drama at Queen Mary University of London.
Her work often focuses on the physical body, ballet and contemporary dance trained she creates her own language through her live art performances and collaborations. For Anais, performance is about offering an experience and a sensation, using strong images and movements of the body coupled with notions of presence and intensity.
Anais has worked with Lois Weaver, Ron Athey, Mehmet Sander and collaborated and performed with Helena Hunter.

Timothy James Pratt is an emerging film-maker and photographer whose work focuses on film and photography as a method of documenting live performance events. The visual material he creates, representing an ‘open aperture approach’ evokes an intimate, audience perspective. He has a Masters in Film Making from Birmingham University and is an artist supported through Birmingham’s live art initiative Home for Waifs and Strays.

Ana Rutter

The curator:

Sonya Russell-Saunders is a recent MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice graduate. She has a specific interest in offsite and contextual curatorial strategies and a passion for performative and participatory art. Both facets explore the human encounter with art, and her research considers the notion of curatorial control, subversion and heightened experiences facilitated through psychological and theatrical staging. More recently, her research focuses on the audience as medium.

"I am interested in audiences, how they observe the art work, how they experience the art environment and how they interact with other members of the audience. This is key to a curatorial position that works specifically in exploring audience psychology and how art exhibitions are staged and artificial."

Sonya co-founded The Wig in 2011, and is a partner in Companis Food Provocateurs Llp Further details of her on going research, practice and projects can be found at

With thanks to Daniel Salisbury for the exhibition build and Nikki Whittingham for her support.

Thanks to ARTicle Gallery Director Mona Casey and Birmingham City University staff for allowing this experimental work to be shown at ARTicle Gallery. Pratt (2).jpg performance 4.jpg Order post performance 2.jpg Order 2.jpg Order 1.jpg Order 3.jpg Order 6.jpg Order 4.jpg Order post performance.jpg Performance 2.jpg performance 3.jpg performance.jpg
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