Band / Ties

Elly Clarke (UK), Caitlin Griffiths (UK),
Bjorn Karlsson (SW) and Hanna Ljungh (SW)

Curated by Charlie Levine and Suvi Lehtinen

12th December 2012
Open by appointment
until 20th December


Årsta Skolgränd 14 BD - 117 43

23rd January 2013
Open Monday - Friday 10 -5 until 20th February


Margaret Street
B3 3BX

Cross-overs, connections, ties and links can expose themselves at random moments. Relationships can be born out of incidental meetings. The curators of the exhibition Band / Ties, Charlie Levine (Birmingham, UK) and Suvi Lehtinen (Stockholm, Sweden) met over a dinner during the summer in Berlin, through a mutual friend and curatorial partner Elly Clarke. It was during this chance meeting that the idea of the exhibition was developed.

Charlie and Suvi decided to bring together two Birmingham based artists and two Stockholm based artists for an exhibition that focuses on relationships, with people, places, families, and communities. The artists involved explore where it is they belong (or don't), looking at where they’re from (or how this notion of origin is complicated), or the communities they’re involved in. The exhibition aims to forge links between cities and between the artistic communities of these places.

Natural overlaps and connections are made within all the works, and new opportunities develop.
This exhibition is taking place in both Stockholm (December 2012) and Birmingham (January 2013). The artists are: Elly Clarke (UK) and Caitlin Griffiths (UK), Bjorn Karlsson (SW) and Hanna Ljungh (SW)

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