Babelling Part II
Studies in the Art of Rat-catching

Monday 2nd - Wednesday 18th December 2013 - Opening Tuesday 3rd December

Terrace art gallery, Birmingham, will present a version of Babelling at ARTicle gallery, after its first rendition at Sluice Art Fair 2013.

Creating a voice within the multi plural languages of many art forms and their histories is a challenge of choice and discovery. ‘Babelling’ is a hybrid of the three art practices of Ian Andrews, David Miller and Paul Newman. Its visual noise is a discordant symphony, a Frankenstein like bolting together of jagged and gestural energy, sugar coated colour schemes and brooding dark matter.

Credits: Christopher Philips, Photographer Pt2 Poster -web.jpg Installation.jpg Installation 2.jpg Installation (3).jpg Installation (2).jpg Newman.jpg Newman (2).jpg Newman (3).jpg Andrews.jpg courtesy Terrace.jpg
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