ARTICLE - off-site
as part of Loud and Live at Selfridges
Friday 2nd October - Lower Ground Floor - 1 - 7pm
7 Disorderly Dramas
curated by Mona Casey with Sonya Russell-Saunders
Tadas Stalyga & Matt Springer with Andy Ingamelis, Robert Foster, David Poole, Paul Newman and David Miller, Dan Auluk and Frederick Hubble Disorderly Dramas schedual.jpg 5 .jpg 2.jpg 8.jpg 6.jpg Rise and Fall__ David Poole.jpg Poole - The Rise and__.jpg it Out - Robert Foster.jpg I mission - Sonya - Dan - Mona.jpg and Ding.jpg Hours audience.jpg Hours 3.jpg 1a.jpg 3.jpg Matador Arrives Selfridges.jpg Bull-Ring Matador 3.jpg Bull-Ring Madator 4.jpg 3.jpg of Ashes 6.jpg of Ashes 5.jpg Of Ashes - Robert Foster.jpg
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