The Temporary: 01

Curated by Rachel Marsden

Article Gallery

6 March – 4 April 2014
Monday to Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10 – 5pm

Opening and CD launch:
Wednesday 5 March, 6-8pm
Performances at 7pm

‘The Temporary’ is a new transcultural exchange platform and social intervention space examining the notion of “temporary” experience in art, architecture, design, music, sound, performance and culture between China and the UK.

Transitory and momentary happenings in which art, exhibitions, events, performances, spaces, buildings and architecture are produced and developed, opened and closed, created and destroyed, and only in part documented for the future, have defned what has been coined as China’s century.

'The Temporary' aims to be refective of this fast-paced global change whilst critiquing curatorial methods of display in China, where exhibitions and projects develop, happen and disappear frenetically in line with the country's rapid pace of socio-economic change, in contrast to the UK where they are largely embedded within logistical planning, institutional infrastructures and formal systems of display.

Taking place in Birmingham and Manchester, ‘The Temporary: 01’ is the inaugural exhibition, examining “temporary” daily negotiations of space and place within cityscapes, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Birmingham, Manchester, LA, Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Bristol, Rimini, Berlin, and Amsterdam; architectures (of change) and urban development, and the infuence of sound on experiences between China, East Asia and the West, through collaborations between artists, photographers, architects, designers and musicians.

Furthermore, it is the practical presentation and outcome of five years of PhD research by Rachel Marsden into the translation through interpretation of contemporary Chinese art in the West since 1980, specifically the notion of a transcultural curator and transcultural curatorial practice, in addition to her experiences of living, working and researching in China, largely Shanghai, from 2009 to 2012.

‘The Temporary: 01’ aims to:

• Critique “transcultural” art, music and architectural cultural practice;
• Question the role and permanence of art and whether it has to be a visual experience or can it just be a moment in time? Can art be constituted by “temporary” experience? How
do sound and space influence this experience?;
• Discuss architectural sustainability in China and the UK also relating to the recent “art
space boom” in China;
• Highlight similarities and differences between contemporary art, music and architecture
and their mutual cultural ecologies in China and the UK;
• Examine the influence of the UK-West on the development of Chinese contemporary
culture, art historical and architectural discourse;
• Examine the documentation of cultural practice, in respect of its being saved, or not, for the future and,
• Examine how networks of exchange between China and the UK are constructed, established and maintained with legacy.
international audiences.

'The Temporary: 01' will comprise:


ARTicle Gallery, The School of Art, Birmingham City University, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX

6 March – 4 April 2014, open Monday to Thursday, 10am – 6pm, Friday 10 – 5pm Opening and CD launch: Wednesday 5 March, 6-8pm, performances at 7pm.

With works:

• A limited edition wallpaper "map” installation by Shanghai-based artist Lu Xinjian intended to work as an abstract metaphor for the how we negotiate and decode cities and spaces as they change and develop whilst referencing Chinese Mandarin language, with further reference points given by Beijing-based architects Li Han and Hu Yan;
• Commissioned and designed “small scale architecture” seating working as listening docks by furniture designers Li-En Yeung and Tom Vousden;
• Thirteen commissioned sound works on a limited edition CD looking into transcultural “temporary” experiences of global cities by Aka Hige, WordySoulspeak, Eyebrow, Paul Manasseh, Thruoutin, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Yan Jun, Yuri Suzuki, Hong Qile (Loga), Dead J (Shao Yanpeng), Wei Wei and Li Jianhong, Ma Haiping, and Roberto Paci Dalò. The music will be produced by Ryan Hughes of [RHP] CDRs;
• Photography by Liz Hingley, Daniels Langeberg, Phillip and Anthony Reed, Peter Dixie, Mengxi Zhang, Xie Jiankun, Xiaoxiao Xu, Fan Shi San, and Li Hui displayed in digital and print format portaying abstract, in part unidentifiable architectures of change – architectural, urban and social factions of China and the UK;
• ‘The Temporary’ aims to “connect the dots that people can’t see”, bridging global cultures, creating and establishing new “transcultural” exchange through premiering new works.
• The CD has been produced in a limited edition run of 150, produced and duplicated by [RHP] CDRs It will be available for digital download from from 5 March 2014.

Design work by Adam Grüning

Find 'The Temporary' online:

Twitter: @thetemporary_
Instagram: @thetemporary

'The Temporary: 01' is supported by ARTicle Gallery (Birmingham, UK), Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) (Manchester, UK), [RHP] CDRs (UK), Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) (Birmingham), Photography of China (London, UK), Art Labor Gallery (Shanghai), Arthub Asia (China), Spray Paint Beijing (Beijing) and Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham, UK). Temporary 5.jpg Temporary 3.jpg Temporary - 2.jpg Temporary 4.jpg Temporary 8.jpg Temporary 11.jpg Temporary - Installation.jpg
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