30th June - 23rd July 2015

Article presents Parallaxis, a two-man show of the work of Leeds based artist Ned Pooler and Birmingham based artist André de Jong. The Article show is part of a planned two-city-two-man series of exhibitions of new work in Birmingham and Leeds in 2015.

The work will be created by means of an emergent methodology: a technique that pushes artistic practices into new and sometimes unexpected directions. By relocating the artist's concept into the counterpart's hands, the work is able to explore and inhabit new possibilities, materials, techniques and outcomes; an

exercise that will manifest itself as the first of two exhibitions. This stage of the project brings the practice into crisis, a period when the work is radically open to change and a time of danger for both the art and artist.

A second instance (exhibition) allows for the artists to reflect on their and the other's practice, a redemptive moment that offers an opportunity to learn from the experience and to create new work based on their original concepts. By means of this strategic process Pooler-de Jong will anticipate each other and

thus be induced into creating a cohesive body of work.

As a starting point Pooler proposes to create a painted sculpture from scrap iron and other metals, alongside a sculptural wall painting and an accompanying framed 12x8" photograph whilst de Jong is interested in making work around temporal animation of a statue of Queen Victoria in Leamington Spa that

“...moved by an inch...” during a German bombing raid during the second world war.1

1. National Monuments Record. Statue of Queen Victoria, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Available at: [Accessed 30/10/14] du Jong 4.jpg du Jong 3.jpg du Jong 2.jpg
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