Turtle Salon

Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Jonathan Gilhooly - in collaboration with Michael H. Shamberg

Exhibition: 12th November - 16th December 2014
Opening: Tuesday 11th November, 6pm

Featuring works by Romeo Alaeff, Michael Bartlett, Francis Baudevin, David Blandy, Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville, Robert Breer, Nick Cash, Vincent Champier, Susan Chorpenning, Jem Cohen, Ana Corbero, Natalie Curtis, Daniel Devlin, Annabelle D’Huart, Arpad Dobriban, Anna Faroqhi, Joshua Frankel, Jonathan Gilhooly, Liam Gillick, Rob Gretton, Elma Hermann, Tae Hwang, Derek Jarman, Marie-France Jean, Martina Klien, Leonard Kogan, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Arnaud LeFebvre, Lau Mun Leng, Chris Marker, Mocksim, Simon Morse, Jane Nisselson, Ruth Novacek, nṻans and collaborators, Melody Owen, Anita Pain, Paige Perkins, Amos Poe, Gabrielle Porta, Yvonne Rainer, Ned Richardson, Rope Press, Kay Rosen, Michael Shamberg, Ali Smith, Donald Smith, Malin Ståhl, Sofia Stevi, Eiji Suzue, Susanna Thornton, Maki Umehara, Kristen Weiner, Ila Wingen, Yoke and Zoom, Alice Zimmerman

A mobile salon drawing from filmmaker and producer Michael Shamberg's sprawling network of artists, friends, projects, and places, Turtle Salon will be hosted by ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, from 12/11/14 - 16/12/14.

NOTE - Michael H. Shamberg, passed away in Baltimore, USA on the 1st November 2014. This Exhibition is dedicated to him.

Born in New York in 1952, Michael Shamberg worked at the US head-office for Factory Records, where he formed a working relationship with New Order, who he met in New York in the early 1980s. Shamberg went on to produce a large number of music videos for New Order, including Run (Napoli), Turn, and Everything's Gone Green.

'In Lebanon, at the border with Israel, there is a turtle sanctuary that is the result of being a protected area during the civil war. The almost extinct Mediterranean sea turtle was allowed to flourish. This is something good that came out of the war. I have gone through my own corporeal civil war and TURTLE is my sanctuary and celebration.' Michael Shamberg

Turtle Salon - List of Works
List of Works

1. Landscape I & II, Ned Richardson, ink on paper, 2011
2. Sky Series, Susanna Thornton, photographic c-print, 2011
3. Music Box, Lau Mun Leng, DVD, 2008
4. Homes in Mumbai, Maki Umehara, printed material, 2010
5. GP Bus, Chris Marker, photo
6. Object Milde Fur die Ewigkeit, Arpad Dobriban, mixed media, 2005
7. New Order, Alice Zimmermann, photo
8. Photos of Paris performance, Nick Cash, photos, 2011
9. Window series, Susanna Thorton, photo, 1998
10. Piano, Paige Perkins, mixed media, 2012
11. Diptychs, Ila Wingen, oil on canvas, 2005
12. Sagittarius, Aires, Melody Owen, collage, 2011
13. SBL, SBR, Untitled, Ned Richardson, inkjet prints, 2011
14. Cancer, Melody Owen, collage, 2011
15. Keeper’s Lodge, Michael Bartlett, oil on board, 2011
16. Bird: Gobe Covic, Marie-France Jean, Indian ink, 2009
17. Sky Series, Susanna Thornton, photographic c-print, 2011
18. Green Block Burst, Susan Chorpenning, collage, 2011
19. Oncologist’s Office NYC, Kristen Weiner, 2011
20. Function, R Castoro, 1968
21. On ne pas le seule aux monde, Ila Wingen, collage on wood, 2010
22. Untitled, Anita Pain, photo
23. I’ve Been Happier, Romeo Alaeff, print,
24. The Land of Milk and Honey, Amalie Russell, mixed media on canvas, 2011
25. Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Melody Owen, collages, 2011
26. Moonshine et Ziska, Francis Baudevin, 3 photocopies
27. Untitled, Nick Cash, collage, 2012
28. Martina Klein, drawing on board, 1993
29. Untitled, Annabelle D’Huart, photo, 2011
30. Untitled, Donald Smith, oil on canvas, 2011
31. Virginia Woolf’s Glasses, Ali Smith, print, 2011
32. Phil, Natalie Curtis, photo, 2012
33. Blue Monday, Kay Rosen, photocopied calendar with paint chips, 2002
34. Dream Capsule form Arcosanti to New Order, Tae Hwang, photo
35. Window series, Susanna Thorton, photo, 1998
36. Sortie de Sers, Arnaud LeFebvre, photo, 1993
37. Sky Scraper Rising, Joshua Frankel, prints, 2011
38. Untitled, Eiji Suzue, oil on canvas, 2010
39. Untitled (You take care), Gabriele Porta, mixed media, 2011
40. Drinking Turkish Coffee with Bruce McLean, Daniel Devlin, DVD, 2006
41. Recay, Mocksim, looped DVD,
42. Hand Movie, Yvonne Rainer (1966), 5min, b/w, silent, 8mm on DVD
43. Plane Series, Melissa Kretschmer, beeswax, graphite, paper, plywood
44. Keep It Real Son, David Blandy, poster, 2009
45. Sit on the Machine, Liam Gillick, poster, 2008
46. Red Curtain, Malin Ståhl, looped DVD, 2011
47. The Perfect Kiss – New Order, Barbara Kruger, poster, 1984
48. Live Transmission, Nick Cash & Sofia Stevi, poster, 2011
49. untitled, Simon Morse, stickers, 2012
50. Souvenir, Michael Shamberg & Peter Saville, poster, 2011
51. P S Beirut, Lawrence Weiner, poster, 2003
52. Temporarily Removed, Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville, 2008
53. Books, Sofia Stevi, 2011
54. In Course of Arrangement, Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville, 2005
55. Once there was a little boy... Louise Lawler, wall text, 2012
56. HAYY, nṻans and collaborators, video with sound, 1 hr, 2014
57. Paintings x 3, Yoke and Zoom
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