Collective Representation : the smile and chat policy

An examination of gesture, social structures and corporate policy

Exhibition: 21st January - 13th February 2015

Exhibition opens 21 January 2015, with live performance at 6pm.

Collective Representation : the smile and chat policy is a specially commissioned new work that builds on the concepts developed for Interaction Order, January 2014. It is a collaborative, multi disciplinary and multi layered approach to art and exhibition making combining performance, choreography, film making, sound and documentary.

Gesture, everday behaviour and behaviour endorsed by corporate policy is examined through film, sound and embodied dance techniques, creating a moment for the audience to reflect on their own gestures within the social and corporate structures and sites they inhabit.

Performed by Anais Lalange, Hannah Parsons, Francesca McLoughlin, Jess Campbell and Alicia Kidman
Film and sound by Ana Rutter
Film and documentary by Tim Pratt

Direction/choreography Martin Prosser
Curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders
Twitter: sonya_russell

Anaïs Lalange studied Arts du Spectacle (Drama and Film studies) and Philosophy at the University of Caen in Normandy (France), and in 2010, graduated in Drama at Queen Mary University of London. Her work often focuses on the physical body, ballet and contemporary dance trained she creates her own language through her live art performances and collaborations. For Anais, performance is about offering an experience and a sensation, using strong images and movements of the body coupled with notions of presence and intensity. Anais is also a professional wrestler.

Hannah Parsons is a dancer and educator. She graduated from Trinity Laban 2014, and recently performed as part of Routes to the River a project with Siobhan Davies Dance. She is also a member of Backspace Collective who explore gestural and site specific dance pieces

Francesca McLoughlin is a London-based performer, writer and dramaturg. She trained in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban before studying an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies at King’s College London in 2014. Francesca frequently collaborates with artists, performs in her own work and reviews new performances. You can find her at

Jess Campbell is a dancer and educator based in Birmingham and London. She graduated from Roehampton Universty in 2014, and has undertaken training and residencies with Ballet Boyz, Motionhouse and DanceXchange.

Alicia Kidman is a dancer and teacher, originally from Austria but now lives and works in London. She graduated from Roehampton University in 2014 and her dissertation centred around a theoretical exploration of dance within art gallery spaces. She recently performed in No Such Thing at the New Diorama Theatre, London.

Ana Rutter is a visual artist based in Birmingham and has a Masters in Fine Art Practice. She has exhibited at a range of local and national spaces and her work crosses installation, sculptural, video and sound practices often within a site-specific context. Using traditional nature field recording techniques she captures site specific sound as a form of ‘documentary’ then construct multi-layered audio works that re-mediate those spaces and experiences, create sound environments that affects the audience and builds on their already embedded experiences of interacting with the environments around them.

Tim Pratt is an early career filmmaker and photographer producing audio-visual content within the arena of live events. He is fascinated in exploring the realm of documentary filmmaking within gallery, performance and creative spaces and the boundaries between realism, event and the screen.
He is a graduate of Aberystwyth University and postgraduate of the University of Birmingham, currently Director of Open Aperture UK

Martin Prosser is a freelance performance maker, currently studying MA Contemporary Performance Making at Brunel University. His research focuses on everyday routines and human behaviour, in particular the awkwardness of certain social situations. He is co-director of Co Lab Theatre which he founded with Mycah Tequeron. Martin has performed in the Midlands at STATE and in London at Spots and as part of Scratch a DMV Theatre presentation where he directed and performed ‘The good, the bed and the ugly’ a performance/theatre work exploring the social awkwardness of one night stands. Rutter, film Still, 2014.jpg
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